Welcome to the Tactical Survival Guide.

We have some big plans for TacticalSurvivalGuide.com and are working hard to make this site become one of the best tactical, survival, off-the-grid, prepper resources on the web.

In Stock Trackers

While we continue to work hard, please find some immediate assistance by using our FREE ammo in stock trackers to the left. These in stock trackers are updated every couple of minutes to alert you as soon as hard-to-find ammunition is in stock and available for purchase.

To use our ammo in stock trackers, just use the navigation on the left side column. Any tracker known tracker issues will be listed here on the homepage. If you have noticed any issues or have any suggestions, we welcome your input.

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Tracker Status

We are still working on adding functionality for in stock alerts via email, txt, and browser alerts. In the interim, please know that these trackers are working and should be providing near real-time inventory updating for the retailers we are currently tracking. We will also continue to refine filtering options and add more retailers as time progresses.

  • Tripwire - ACTIVE - Tripwire functionality is up and running. You can set a cost per round maximum per each tracker. This coupled with In Stock status will allow the alarm to be triggered only when an item is "in stock" and below your Tripwire maximum. To set your Tripwire, just turn on the alarm and enter a value. As always, let us know if you have any issues.
  • AmmunitionDepot - Some items at AmmunitionDepot are still resulting in misinformation. This is on our list of items to address. If they would just learn to standardize their site, it would make a world of difference.